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I need legal consult, ADVICE AND REPRESENTATION. I need charges dropped as well as I need to file a suit against the city

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Please contact me asap at 925 325 7084, I have a copy of the police report, etc. My friend is looking to file a suit against the city of Duluth in Georgia as well as having all the charges brought against her droppped and expunged from her record, I have more detail into the aresst,etc. when you contact me.. She was assaulted both of the Male officers (Physically) as well as was charged with a felony, destruction of goverment property, which did not happen as to there is proof in the form of video (which is in the hands of the cheif of police for the COUNTY) as well as statements both written and verbal by witnesses both known and unknown as well as she was charged with disorederly conduct! She has never been in trouble before and was horribly humiliated and embarressed in public during

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You should have her contact some Defense attorneys in your area as soon as possible to discuss the merits of the case. Some attorney's offer free consultations, and can be found on this website ( In a case like this, it will be important for the Attorney to discuss directly to her (as she is the client). Is she currently in custody, or was she released?

Legal disclaimer: This message does not constitute legal advice and is for informational purposes only. This message does not establish an attorney-client relationship, which can only be established once a retainer agreement has been fully executed between you and this firm.



She was bailed out and released, however She has given me permission to find and discuss her case with an attorney, I am trying to help locate an attorney that might be willing to take on her case with no money upfront....


You and your friend are going to need to contact some attorneys in your area, not put out a call for attorneys over the internet. Find some here on Avvo in the personal injury section and call them.


Due to the felony charges, your friend is facing substantial criminal charges. In my estimation, the criminal case is the place she needs to start at. As a former law enforcement officer in the Metro-Atlanta area, I would encourage you to have her (as the client) immediately begin calling criminal defense attorneys in the area. You can find qualified attorneys by searching the internet in your local area and reading reviews or here on She needs to be the one to call the attorneys so that she can describe exactly what charges she is facing and the circumstances surrounding the arrest. Getting an attorney involved quickly is ESSENTIAL in this type of case. There may be video footage in various places that could be recorded over in the course of business. For example hotel video, ploice station video, atm video, etc. Also assuming you are correct that a police video of the incident exists, measures can be taken to try to begin the process of obtaining that video. Finally, assuming there are witnesses to the incident that are not necessarily known to your friend, an investigator may need to begin the process of identifying these folks for later use in the criminal and/or civil litigation matters.

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