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I need legal advice on an unsafe household & trying to figure out emancipation & runway laws. Can anyone help me?

Barstow, CA |

I don't feel safe in my house but I don't want to run away. I would rather be emancipated but I know that the law says I have to get permission from my mom & step dad for emancipation & they're the reasons I feel unsafe. I know they won't let me leave or be emancipated so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I also have a little brother and sister who I would like to stay in contact with if I'm able to leave the household. But I know my parents won't let me. I need to know what precautions I should take in order to leave home legally. Everyday I want to run away and I know that running away is not a good choice. I really need some expert advice or someone who can help me through the process of emancipation or letting someone else be my guardian. If anyone can help please do. Thanks.

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Maybe find someone in the "news" who's done this and contact the law firm who represented the minor?


I do not know what is happening to make you feel unsafe, but your question causes me to be concerned about your welfare. It is also unclear if your bio dad is in the picture; if he is, could you turn to him for help?

In an emancipation proceeding, your parents have the ability to challenge the emancipation. The judge then decides whether or not it is granted.

Is there an adult with whom you feel comfortable speaking? A school counselor, trusted teacher, or even a friend's parent? You could even contact a domestic violence advocate and just talk to them. If there is an adult willing to become your guardian, then talk to them and see if the process could be initiated. You need support and guidance. I am very worried about your fear - please find someone who could help you. Involving CPS is a big overwhelming step, but it is an option.