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I need help with Foreclosure on a condo

Staten Island, NY |

My lover received a summons and a "Help For Homeowners in Foreclosure" letter. What are the options available to her? I'm not sure what the status between her and myself is right now
She is in a situation where her condo is being foreclosed on. The condo is owned by both her and her husband (I believe). They have bankruptcy issues and they are aggravated by unpleasant/unfriendly divorce circumstances. She needs a lawyer, and I am trying to help. This is a messy situation (that I've helped to create).

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Like any other lawsuit, a foreclosure lawsuit must be answered in a timely manner. It's then up to the lawyer and client, based on the strength of the foreclosure case, to determine the best defense strategy such as a reinstatement request, request for a loan modification, short sale or other settlement option. It will be helpful to choose an attorney that is familiar with handling this sort of case, especially considering all of the circumstances here.


It is recommended that she speaks to an attorney practicing in foreclosure to properly review what was served. Timing is everything as proper defenses must be investigated and preserved early in the foreclosure litigation.

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