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I need help with filing a suit a brief description below

Trenton, NJ |

i was injured on my job due to a dock loading manager loading a package that was too heavy to be placed on a top shelf on a fedx truck. im receiving workmans comp by the insurance company that has prolonged my treatments lasting over 6 and counting, my injury is in the spine area of my back. ive worked for them nearly 5 years and injured my back 2 years ago with the same employee. ive have since been dismissed due to being out on injury too long.
i feel that if the insurance company did not delay so much in following up and approving the prescription of my docotors i could have been back to work by now. now my injury has progressed to the point that i believe that i will never get back to work.

also my boss who is a private contractor only has given me 5 days vacation a year when he takes 4 to 6 weeks at one time. and i furthermore believe that that unfareness has led to the detioration of my lifting abilities to be able to work again. currently im recieving up to 8 long needles in my lower back spine area every two or three weeks. they been without any medication for nearly 3 monthes. i have not been directed how to live or fuction in the same amount of time. i cant even use a vacum at home. please help me.

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There is a saying that "It is good to be the King." The business cannot afford to give everyone 6 weeks of vacation, but it can afford to give the Boss 6 weeks. Only a doctor can make you better, and he was the one who prolonged your treatment. They can try PT/Epidurals/MRI within 60 days and surgery within 90 if warranted. That is how back surgery happens if it is non-work related. Sorry you lost your job.

We give free general concepts to be helpful, but you should give ALL your facts to a licensed Attorney in your state before you RELY upon any legal advice.


Talk to a WC attorney and he will review your case. If you were terminated due to the work related injury you may have a wrongful termination case. But I would suggest you talk to a WC attorney to review your case and based on such make a more educated determination. Good Luck!