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I need help with a weed possesion charge less than 20g 3rd time / never been convicted.

Miami, FL |

I just got a PTA for.. 1 misdemeanor count of possesion of canibus. I have been arrested 3 times for this same charge before...but never convicted. I have read the statutes and see that I'm facing a year in jail... That was enough for me to put this down for good this time.

The three previous results were:
1. Dec.2007 - Nolle pros / court opt
2. Feb.2008 - WH ADJ W/FINE & COST
3.Jun.2011 - Nolle Pros Comp PTI (had a lawyer)

1.) What should I be expecting I'll take anything, can not afford a(n) adjudication/conviction,. 2.) 'm not the jail type and I have to stop doing this to myself.. What do i do / expect on my court date? 3.)How much would I expect to spend on an attorney if i absolutely need one?

All charges have been the same, and all charges including this one (except the first one) have been over 10 to 20 dollars street value They rolled up on us with their windows up (i was in a public parking lot of a residence) they got out of the car and said they smelled weed, and who had it. we all remained silent and did not consent to a search, but apparently in florida if they say the smelled it, its probable cause. it was not in the open, or even being smoked when they came. while i waited in the backseat i a was able to see the complaint was because we were drinking, but didnt not see the full complaint to be able to know whether smoking was included in the complaint.

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Go to arraignment first and see if they will give you diversion-not likely. If they don't, then call my office to fight the charge.


You could probably still get Pre Trial Diversion "PTD" in Miami-Dade for cannabis at arraignment or a withhold. Give me a call if you need help with his I have handled a lot of these cases. 305-209-0384

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You should definitely retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. If convicted you are facing up to a year in jail and a mandatory 2 year driver's license revocation. You may have viable legal defenses that should be explored. An experienced attorney can investiagte your case and advise on how to proceed. It may also be possible to avoid the adjudication and jail time but this will not happen on its own without the efforts of an attorney. As far as fees go - they vary based on the skills, experience and reputation of the attorney.

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I will answer the last question first. You absolutely need a great local lawyer down there who can navigate you through the system. If you are convicted you will lose your drivers license for up to 2 years believe it or not! As far as jail, it is always a possibility but I believe highly unlikely. As the other lawyer in Miami stated you may have some great options so do yourself a favor and get one to represent you like last time!

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You do have a prior that was sentenced but you had adjudication withheld. The prosecutor this time will probably be much more interested in adjudicating you guilty since you already have a prior withhold and 3 prior arrests. Of course, the facts of your case are just as important, if not more important, than your history. A case with a strong defense puts you in much better negotiating position. Without knowing the facts as represented by the State, it is impossible to say what you are likely to face.

You most certainly do need an attorney, the price of which can vary greatly in Miami.

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You need to hire a criminal defense attorney ASAP. Your prior criminal record will affect the prosecutors position on settlement. Get Counsel!

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