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I need help with a form I just received from immigration request for initial evidence (I-485)

Salt Lake City, UT |

So my wife is filing for adjustment of status i485 and I-765 and we got to the part with the fingerprints and everything seemed fine as far as our paperwork but now we received a letter stating we need to submit a complete income tax return submitted to the IRS from the petitioner/sponsor on form I-864 affidavit of support, for the most recent year......

Can anyone clarify exactly what they need because I sent a copy of my tax transcripts (petitioner) initially and I'm waiting on my tax return transcripts to come next to send it in...

Will that be enough or is their something im missing because when I call immigration they tell me to follow the instructions on the paper which isn't helpfully at all

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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It sounds like they want a complete copy of the petitioner's 2011 1040 form with all schedules.


You will need to carefully read the instructions and the request for evidence letter. If you are missing some parts of the tax return documentation, then you may face a possible denial. Perhaps, you should seek an appointment with a competent and experienced immigration attorney, who can take the time to review the USCIS request before something more serious happens.

Perhaps, something very simple, like a W2 is missing, but this is unclear.

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Did you submit you affidavit of support at all? From what you describe, it appears to me that you only mailed your tax returns, but not the affidavit itself. I would suggest that you take a copy of your application to an immigration attorney for review. If you do not respond to the request properly, your application will be denied and your fees will not be refunded.

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