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I need help understanding the relocation law for WA state.

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I share custody of my 4 year old with my ex-boyfriend. I am the primary residental parent. Back in December of 2010 the place I was in over in Thurston county was being foreclosed on, I didn't have a place to go, I told my ex this. Fast foward to May 5th 2011 and with still no place to move to and having to be out of the place that day I moved in with my mom over in parkland. That same day at 10:51pm I sent my ex a text with my moms address. He came over on 9/01/2010 to disscuss schooling for our son. On 9/14/2010 he came over again with a new parenting plan that he did himself. When I told him I wanted to look it over He said ''You can either sign it or I can take you to court on contempt for not giving me a 60 day notice of your move." does he have a case?

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Sure he can take you to court. Anybody can take anyone to court about anything. Read the relocation statute. It says you have to give 60 day's notice, but keep reading. It says you have to give as much notice as you have.

So if you were to find the relocation notice on the forms page at, you can download the notice and give it to him. He can respond however he thinks best. The thing is, the court always wants parents to act in good faith and in the best interests of the court. The court is not likely to agree with him that your move under these circumstances is actionable.

At least that is my take. Hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell

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If at all possible, make sure you save that text message in case he ever does take you to court.

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