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I need help to get my child away from abusive ex husband.

Box Elder, MT |

even though my ex is not my child's father and my child does not carry his last name. The courts awarded him part time custody. My child is 3yrs old and now comes home with bruises on legs and lumps on head. My child has told me that the ex is hitting legs and beating on top of head. I have called CPS and they refuse to do anything. Where does one turn for help now. I can not allow my child to be hurt or even worse. The next 3 days my child will be with the ex who refuse me any contact. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME AND MY CHILD. Thank You

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CPS clearly is not your best resource and certainly is not your only resource. It is essential to have the injuries (bruises, etc.) documented by a neutral party, best party is the child's physician/nurse practitioner. However, based on the child's words describing how he received the injuries and your own observations of the injuries, you should be able to get an emergency temporary order of protection (or some similarly named document in your jurisdiction). In addition, you must contact immediately your family law attorney --- the court will always entertain motions to modify custody especially when the safety of a minor is at issue. Surely your attorney will be able to set emergency motions/get temporary orders/take immediate action to protect your son -- both now and in the future.
As you know, this matter is too important not to act right now!



Thank You I will be going to see the doctor with my child. Let me ask you this. When my ex and I were in court the Judge allowed all of my ex's information and when it came time for my side of things the Judge stood up and said that he heard enough and walked out, when he returned he granted my ex part custody. I do have a appeal(Ithink thats what you call it), and I'm trying to get a different Judge. My ex's family has worked for years in the court house in close relation with all involved and I feel that this had something to do with the Judge's verdict. Where do I go or who do I talk to about this? Or is there anything I can do about this? Thank You for every thing.



Did you not have an attorney? What has happened since? You can contact your nearest child advocacy center and ask them to help. Good luck!

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