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I need help please i am on my third lawyer and only have 20 days til my statue of limitations is up and still no help

Steele, AL |

my current lawyer that i hired back in October 2012 (mind you this is my 3rd attorney) still can not get any helpful advice or straight forward answeres from her (when i actually tal to her that is) she is very unhelpful and negitive and is making me worry that i will not get anything at this rate i hired her in oct of 2012 and the only time she actually acted like a lawyer was when i signed a paper saying that i was hiring her then here it is now april 24th and i will lose it all come may 13th 2013 i lose it all WHAT DO I DO

asked for numerous appointment to sit down and talk about my case with her and she has yet to set up an appointment with me she always has an excuse or just does'nt take my calls when i leave a message on her voice mail i know i have asked for atleast 6 meetings with her BUT still NO LUCK HELPPPPP

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You have not explained what type of case this is. It may be difficult to get another attorney this close to the statute so you need to get an understanding of why your attorneys have declined representing you.

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it is a car wreck suit a man ran a stop sign and hit my car on my driver side and i had to have major neck surgery i have metal in my neck and i have no other option she just refuses to see me she is either always out or on vacation


The previous attorney is absolutely correct - without knowing the details of your situations, it's impossible to know the statutes of limitation at play and the appropriate course of action. Please update your request and hopefully someone may provide you with an answer.

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