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I need help i cant afford to pay my court cost and fines and dui school all requied and coming up soon

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i was sentenced to jail on sept 28th after a refusal to blow dui trial, 30 days , 1500 court cost 1 year probation, 120days scram , etc, i was unemployed , i lost everything i own over this, i came out of jail pennyless i was on unemployment , i lost my job over the case, i now have a job im training for but have not been payed yet and will be moving, i can not pay all the fines that are coming up in time , scram cost me 280 a month , 55 probation , 1500 court cost at 240 a month , i dont wnat to be in violation but i dont have the money and im moving into a new apartment , so many expences, i would get a loan if i could , im trying to get my life back in order, the judge already moved my payments back 30 days , but i still dont have $, please can you help , thank you

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Either try to borrow money from a friend or try to plead your case to the Judge. I would suggest the former over the latter.

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You need to sell or pawn whatever you can. You need to document your efforts to get a job and pay. Don't quit reporting. It's always best to pay even a little.

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The DUI School, Fines and Costs are all part of your Probation and failure to complete the school and pay same may cause a violation of your probation. Lack of funds for anything beyond the necessaries of life, ie. food and housing, can be a defense. You need to speak to your PO about your situation. What remains undone after probation expires will cause your drivers license to be suspended until paid/completed.

Ronald Slonaker, Attorney
Ocala, FL

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