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I need help finding a pro bono criminal appeals lawyer.

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I am a trying to help my brother file for an appeal from a murder case he was charged with at the age of 17 in DC in 1998. He has been in prison since. I have received his transcripts from the jury trial. However, I don't understand nor see how he was found guilty. He was charged as an adult, 1st degree murder. There are several mishaps with the case. No weapon, no eye witness, nothing placing him at the scene of the crime. The "witness" statements they do have were taken several months later and changed several times. The witness were pending charges themselves and took plea bargins. Reading through the transcripts, all 430 pages leads you to believe he's innocent. He had a public defender. What is the best course of action and least expensive?

Also, he was sentenced Life with chance of parole in 2020 I believe. He was originally jailed in Lorton, VA. That prison was closed and got pushed into the federal systems. Any help or definative guidance would be greatly appreciated!!

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You might check with the Innocence Project

Good luck to you.

God bless.

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I concur with my colleague that the Innocence Project maybe a good place to start. It is probably too late to file for an appeal as such, but if this is a case before D.C. Superior Court, you can try filing a motion in that court to have a retrial on grounds of ineffective assistance of counsel. You should have an attorney help you with this. My rates are reasonable.