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I need help filling out my written response answer for a unlawful detainer i recieved on wednesday 11-06-2013.

Inglewood, CA |

I dont have enough money for a attorney and i really dont know how to fill the paperwork out on my own. Today is sunday and tommorow is a holiday and i have until tuesday 11-11-13 to file a response and i was wondering can i get it all done in that one day. Me and my fiance who lives here as well both were served with a ud, so would we need to fill out two seperate forms or can we use just one for the both of us?

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It would be best you can retain an attorney familiar with unlawful detainer (UD) laws and procedures to represent you in your defense. If you cannot afford an attorney, see if any of the pro bono organizations may be able to assist you. For example, try contacting Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, Bet Tzedek, or Public Counsel (see web links below). If you and your fiance are being sued in the same UD action and you share some defenses, you can jointly file an answer or other responsive pleading. I hope this information is helpful and good luck to you .


Mr. Marshal is completely correct. You need an attorney to help you.

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