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I need help filing a motion for a continuance in CA family Court. I believe the form is MC-030

Yuba City, CA |

I was working in law enforcement until March. My child's mother falsely accused me of 273.5 PC and had her step dad's best friend arrest me. The report is completely falsified. I can't testify on my behalf in family court until the criminal matter is resolve. She is trying to move to TN with our child because her fiance lives this. I need help wording the motion to show good cause for a continuance. I don't think it guarantees me due process allowing her to even be heard for a move-away case while the criminal matter is pending, especially because I'm sure that I will win my case.

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Sounds like informing the court of your pending criminal matter and your 5th amendment right not to incriminate yourself is a good start.

The MC-030 is, I believe, just a blank declaration.

Requesting a continuance of what? A motion, or a trial? Continuing a motion is much easier than continuing a trial. If you are looking to continue a trial, you should seek the advice of a family law attorney in your area ASAP.

The discussions above are for general information and DO NOT establish an attorney-client relationship. The discussions shall not constitute legal advice and are not intended to supplant or replace legal advice. You should consult an attorney in your area for legal advice as they will have the proper legal knowledge applicable to your case.


I agree with Shawn and would add that continuing a family law hearing can be as simple as contacting the Court Clerk's office. Your court likely has a self-help center that can assist you with this process as well.

That said, hiring a local attorney is a good move here.

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