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I need help fighting USCIS for my citizenship. They denied me the citizenship but, state on the letter I can fight them to court

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Please tell me the best thing to do on my case. My thought was to get a lawyer to fight for me

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We first have to determine why they denied you and then see if you are eligible. Having an Attorney see the denial is crucial.


Meet with an attorney:

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I agree with my colleagues, you need to meet with an attorney in person so he/she can review the denial and determine what if anything can be done.

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Sure you can fight. But the best thing is to sit down with an experienced immigration attorney to see if it is worth it. Sometimes, USCIS is absolutely right, that the applicant doesn't qualify for citizenship. But other times the officer misunderstood, or made a mistake, and an experienced immigration attorney can help. Contact my office to sit down for a consultation. You only have 30 days to file an N-336 to appeal the decision if USCIS denied your N-400, so don't wait too long.

Good luck!

John Vandenberg