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I need help adoption help

Philadelphia, PA |

I was manipulated into giving my rights up for my child while dealing with dhs it was an open adoption, I hear I'm able to still file for partial rights is that true? At the time I wasn't able to stand up and plead my case I had just lost my mother around the time my home everything what is it that I can do to still be apart of my child's life ???

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You should contact an attorney experienced in adoptions immediately. There may be a period of time open to withdraw your agreement to terminate your rights, although your question suggests that the adoption has already been finalized. If it was an open adoption, then there may be some sort of writing stating what that means. Talk to an attorney without delay. If you can't afford one, contact Legal Assistance. if they can't provide you with servIces, ask the Philadelphia Bar Association for a referral to a pro bono or low cost attorney. Also, many of the law school located in Philadelphia have legal clinics offering advice and sometimes representation in court. Again, you can find that information on the Internet.

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Normally, once an order is signed, then the case is sealed and not much you can do. I would go see a family law attorney in your region to get some advice.


You need a lawyer to read the file and the orders to see what your options are.