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I need clarification on a child pornography or exploitation issue.

Atlanta, GA |

If someone takes photographs of small children (with their cell phone) (some photos are naked), places sexually explicit captions on the photos, and sends the photos via cell phone to third parties, is this legal in Georgia?

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I suggest that you not disclose so many facts in this public forum and speak with a criminal defense attorney for a legal opinion.


I agree completely with Attorney Parron. Further, if it is a third party that took the photos and/or is disseminating the photos I strongly suggest that you immediately inform your local or state police as to the person that is taking/disseminating said photos and provide the police with all possible assistance that they may require.

THIS RESPONSE IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSOES ONLY. THIS RESPONSE IS IN NO WAY GIVEN AS OR INTENDED TO BE LEGAL ADVICE. No implied or actual attorney-client relationship has arisen from Mr. Young’s post of educational materials. The poster the question should speak directly with a licensed attorney regarding all relevant issues encompassed in the poster’s legal question. No obligation, in any manner whatsoever, has arisen between Mr. Young and the poster of this question.



Thank you for your opinion. The local authorities have been notified.


Notify the local authorities of the incident an be very cooperative in their investigation.