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I need an opinon on whether it is worth it to file a UIM claim in Florida no fault case.

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My mother was in a car accident in Florida wih Florida no fault ins. She exhausted her $10,000 PIP coverage and $10,000 medical payment in the hospital. Next, her health insurer got billed even though she has UIM coverage. The health insurer is asking for $6000 back so far from the auto insurance. The auto insurance has not paid them. She got a $10,000 check from the underinsured at fault driver's policy (bodily injury-that was all he had). It is uncashed. I hoped there would be some left over for pain and suffering and unreimbursed out of pocket expenses of about $5000. Now I am worried that she will be owing money for an accident that was not her fault. Is it worth it to push her auto ins to open a UIM claim? Will she just end up owing the $10,000 back one way or another?

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YES!!! You do not say what the limits are on her UIM claim. However, with the amount of medical expense, that is what UIM is for. Understand that although UIM is through her insurance, they will fight her as if they represented the other driver. That is the way they do things and virtually ever lawyer will tell you that she needs to hire a lawyer to get maximium recovery. She should talk to an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. A Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer is the specialty recognized by The Florida Bar for handling auto insurance cases.

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Yes, consult with a personal injury attorney. If she has the UIM coverage you should definately make a claim. It appears her case is worth much more than the $10000 paid. You can also negotiate for the first party to waive their subrogation rights as to the med pay reimbursement claim. Best of luck.

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Robert Edward Fenster

Robert Edward Fenster


Do not cash the check. Do not sign any release. Do not communicate with the adjuster or his or her insurance company until you hire a lawyer and the lawyer instructs you to. No offense, but you are "already in over your head" in a big way. Hope she is OK!


You need to contact an attorney before negotiating the BI check because there are requirements you must follow otherwise you may forfeit your right to make a UIM claim. I'm nearby if you would like a free consultation.

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It sounds like your mother is pursuing this UIM claim without the assistance of counsel. Based on what you have said, your mother may have already caused herself irreparable legal problems. Based on what you said, it sounds like your mother has settled her claim against the tortfeasor without obtaining the approval of her UIM carrier. Releasing a tortfeasor without the approval of the UIM carrier can jeopardize your mother's UIM coverage. I suggest that she speak with a competent personal injury attorney in Florida immediately and that she not cash the tortfeasor's settlement check until she speaks first with counsel.

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Absolutely hire an attorney to help you with this. The lawyer can represent you in the um claim and may be able to negotiate some of those liens and bills down for you. Do this before settling the bodily injury claim.


Many issues to discuss. Bottom line is have a car accident lawyer in your city investigate this. You can use Avvo's "find a lawyer" tool for a lawyer closest to you.

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