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I need an excellent Dui attorney

Modesto, CA |

I have a total of 3 duis, my first was in 2004 at a .08 and got a wet and reckless in sacramento,ca. my second is in modesto,ca in 2008 and i have never gone to court on this matter so i will need this fixed, I was stopped at a checkpoint with a very high blood alcohol level. I then got another one in 2008 in sacramento,ca and i did go to court on this one and was charged with 4 days in jail which i have not served but was given the option to house arrest but did not live in the county so i was given jail. I now live in sacramento county and would like to see if the one in Sacramento could be fixed with house arrest, all my fines in court have been paid. i was also given 1yr and half of dui classes and heard from another lawyer that could get reduced. I am wanting both cases fixed

after the 3rd dui I admitted myself into a treatment center of 5 day detox and 3 months intensive treatment. I spoke to an attorney today and he said that I was looking at the 120 days but he could for sure get me a work release program instead of doing any jail time for both. I really need help and want the best attorney. I am afraid of jail, I feel I have turned myself around just have this huge baggage and finally want it gone. First and foremost getting myself sober was more important to me at the time then dealing with this. please help.

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Yes you do need an excellent DWI attorney. You should employ the "Find a Lawyer"option here on AVVO for a qualified DWI attorney in your area. Most offer free consultations and there are many excellent ones to choose from. Good luck!


You should look for a local Sacramento attorney who knows the ins/outs of that county. That will be very helpful with trying to get what you want. Also, while you may be eligible to get less DUI classes ordered from the court, this will not effect what the DMV will require of you. I'd check there first because you will not get your license back until you have completed the class that DMV is requesting.


This is a very complex situation. you need o consult with an attorney directly.


It is likely that you have 2 warrants. One in Sacramento for failing to do the time and one out of Modesto for not going to court. Because of the Modesto case you may also have a new charge for failure to appear. Not an insurmountable situation but a traveling nightmare to and from court for your attorney and possibly you as well. I often have warrants recalled without clients being ordered present if the cases are misdemeanors (977 appearance). I have faced your situation many times over 30 years and you can call to schedule a free consutation if you want. My number is 209-481-2479. Good Luck. Peter


I commend you for trying to come in out of the dark.

You are likely facing a SOC warrant out of Sacramento (a sheriff's order of commitment, issued if you failed to report to jail as ordered). Please get a consultation with an experienced DUI attorney ASAP, so the facts of your situation can be discussed in detail, and you can unravel the tangled web.

Problems with two cases (one open, one likely in probation revocation status) means you may have some serious jail exposure here.

A note of warning: After you deal with the Modesto case, you could be facing felony charges in the future if you reoffend. An attorney can help you sort this out. Fortunately, there are many excellent DUI attorneys in Sacramento, and many of us will travel to Modesto to help a client out. Even high blood-alcohol cases can have flaws.

Good luck.


You certainly want a local attorney to help you with this tough situation. If you were going through severe emotional problems and/or addiction problems, you may want to get a mental health professional (if you don't already have one), to help you explain to the court why the ongoing struggle with addiction and lack of follow through with the court . But, to reiterate, get a competent local attorney to guide you.



is this something you handle?


I advise you to hire an experienced California attorney. A Sacramento attorney may be most familiar with the law in your area.

I agree with the previous attorneys, while you need to address the criminal aspect and warrants, this will not effect the DMV punishment.



do you know of the best in modesto,ca?

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