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I need an attorney to help me with my orthodontist malpractice email me at

Las Vegas, NV |

I got braces with Nevada Dental Associates off Flamingo in January 2009 for what was to be 12-18 months. They switched orthodontists FOUR times and each time added more months and aggrevation. I finally had them remove the braces after 28 months because I was aggrevated and was getting no where.

Orthodontist #2 took liberty and ground down FOUR OF MY TEETH WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION..saying "my teeth were too long".

I NEED TO GET BRACES again as my molars do not touch properly, I choke on spaghetti! My front teeth are hitting my bottom teeth and have chipped them and is wearing them down.

I want to sue Ortho #2, get all my money back and have them disbanded. Ortho #2 now has his own practice! I don't have money and would like help? Can you suggest anything?

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You should check with your local state bar association or state trial lawyer association for names of attorneys to help you. Beware of time limitations. Good luck.


The statute of limitations for a medical-dental malpractice case is ony year. You may also be able to file an administrative action with the state of Nevada Dental Board concerning the treatment that you received.

The information shared in this e-mail does not constitute an attorney-client relationship and you should consult with a local attorney in your city where you can share confidential matters and receive a full evaluation of your legal situation.

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