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I need an attorney to help me fight against DCFS

Mattoon, IL |

I have medical neglect charges against me from DCFS, I have court in 30 days. My states attorney says don't worry, but I do. There is nothing in black and white that reads that my newborn grandson needed to be on an apnea machine 24/7. But now DCFS has removed him from my care and I need help. Any suggestions?

Aren't I to get like a public defender?

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You will be appointed counsel. DCFS is a Jekyll/Hyde organization in my opinion. Sometimes they're right, sometimes they overreach. As I tell all my clients, if you signed something (They'll call it many things, safety plan, lollipops, et al), 99.9% of the war is already over and there's little that can be done. Yes, it's there job to trick you into signing stuff, makes it easier for them later on.

If you were wise and didn't sign anything, then we have case. Your public defender should be there to lay out your options, or if you have the resources, you can retain private counsel. FightCPS is a website that has a list of DCFS attorney's, check it out if you need a referral.



Is the website www.fightcps? This could be very helpful to our family.


Usually only parents get court dates and an attorney, not grandparents if this is a dependency case. Do you have a doctor that will back you up on the no need for 24/7?? I'd get it in writing and quickly present to judge. Make sure you keep a copy of anything given to DCFS as they are prone to losing documents. There should have been a dependency hearing within 24 hours of his removal? what happened at hearing? Are you talking about charges that are criminal (felony/misdemeanor) or juvenile dependency case. They are very different animals. Consult with an attorney in the area asap. Time is of the essence. Where are the parents in all of this?