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I need an attorney on a contingency basis.. I have a money hungry gold digging tenant that wants to sue my family.

Pasadena, CA |

We helped her and when her husband left her we took off 600 dollars off her rent and allowed her to have film shoots on the property to pay for her rent . . She is a lyre and a theft . She attacked me with a rock and a sharp piece of glass . I contacted the police they did nothing . the police did nothing and where on her side the whole time . I did not renew her lease agreement because she attacked me . Now the tenant is trying to sue my family for a lot . And i need a lawyer on a contingency basis to represent my family and sue her for harassment and slander . Please take my case . this will be in the Pasadena area . I want to counter sue her .

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First of all, from what you said, her claims sound baseless.
Secondly, you'll need to prove that you actually suffered compensable damages for harassment and slander. In both instances, economic damages -- i'm not talking about stress that your tenant caused -- I'm talking about tangible economic damages which flow directly from the slander -- are very hard to prove.

I'm not in California, and I don't want to discourage you, but given your description of what transpired between you and the tenant, it would not seem that this is the type of case is the type most attorneys would take on contingency.

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Get a restraining order if you feel endangered. I don't see a case here without damages.



you dont see a case for me. or for her.



i got a temp restraing order against her


You can talk to different lawyers and find out good one. I am not sure about contingency in your case.

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Dear I want to counter sue her?

I am an attorney licensed in New York. I do not practice law in California.

Your owner's liability insurance policy should help you and the insurance company should provide an attorney.

When you mentioned that the tenant is trying to sue you and your family for a lot, do you mean that you were served already with a summons and complaint? If so, then you must provide notice to your insurance provider right now.

Good luck.

Note: An attorney cannot work on a contingent fee arrangement defending a baseless lawsuit and seeking to litigate counterclaims that may not have merit as there is no contingent event expected to pay the attorney.

The answer provided to you is in the nature of general information. The general proposition being that you should try to avoid a bad outcome if you can.