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I need an ABA accredited lawyer who can represent a non-resident Indian woman (NRI) in an estate matter for property in India.

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Having issues with claiming her deceased spouse's property from his siblings though she has complete right, written in will and given by India's rights for living spouse to claim property. Please direct me to a lawyer that can help in this matter, preferably one that is familiar with both US and Indian laws and can represent my mother in India.

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My guess would be that there are very few attorneys licensed in both the US and India. It is most likely that she will need an attorney in India to be engaged separately from an attorney in the US.

There really is no such thing as ABA accredited - there are certain specialties that attorneys have but the only licensing that really matters is if the attorney is licensed in their particular U.S. States of practice.

This is not legal advice nor intended to create an attorney-client relationship. The information provided here is informational in nature only. This attorney may not be licensed in the jurisdiction which you have a question about so the answer could be only general in nature. Visit Steve Zelinger's website:



She has legal representation there and is in India for the time being, until her property case is settled but she wanted to see if she can also hire someone here in the states that may be willing to work alongside the Indian attorney in this matter.


There are very few estate lawyers who know the law and practice in jurisdictions outside the United States. One of my former law clerks is Indian and practices law here in Columbus. He may be able to help find someone who can help you.

Please email me privately with more facts, and I will see what we can learn.

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