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I need advice on what would help my son?

Chambersburg, PA |

My son is 13 and has a ingrown toenail that has been infected since Sept of last year, I have taken him to the ER 3 times they only give him antibiotics and tell me the same thing, He needs to see a podiatrist so i told my ex wife it needed taken care of, we are suppose to have shared legal custody but she refuses to give me the insurance cards and won't even tell me who there doctor is,i only get them from Fri. 6:30pm to Sunday11am every other weekend, i don't have money to go to a lawyer and i make to much for legal aid. I was thinking about calling CPS but the last 2 times they have done nothing and one of those times is because my ex wife's husband chocked our other son who at the time was only 7yrs old they did nothing, What can i do please help!

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I know financially times are tight; however, you need to consult with a family law attorney immediately to be advised. If the Order indicates you share legal custody, you need to have access to the insurance cards. Also, with shared legal custody, you and your ex wife need to agree upon his medical treatment and, more than likely, proceed with medical care if the condition is not resolving itself and the ER is not able to manage his condition/care. If you and your ex wife cannot agree on the course of treatment, yet the condition requires treatment, you may need to go before a Judge, by filing the appropriate paperwork, to request the Judge issue an Order addressing your son's future medical treatment. As indicated, you need to consult with a family law attorney to be advised as to how to proceed, including PA law and procedure, and documents to file moving forward.