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I Need a Worker's Comp attorney in Texas

Austin, TX |

Stair broke under me in June 2011. Each knee operated on once. Have personal injury attorney. Lawsuit filed. Worker's comp insurance carrier stopped ALL treatment before completion, and in violation of Texas ODG Guidelines. Advised to seek additional cousel

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I would use the find lawyer tool on this website. Off hand the closest I can think of would be San Antonio. You could try Royce Bicklein or Alan Tyssinger. Both are well versed in workers' compensation law in Texas and are well respected in their field.

The answering of this question does not constitute a attorney-client relationship. Further by answering this question the attorney has not agreed to represent inquisitor.


Use the Avvo "Find a Lawyer" feature to procure a competent workers comp attorney. Insurance companies stonewall and lowball victims like you everyday. Level the playing field; hire an attorney.

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I agree with both attorneys, but I have a question who is responsible for the stairs, you may be able to sue the owner of the building. Your time to sue may have run out or be running out.

Please only call me if your case is in California as I am only licensed here and laws of other states may vary. I approach trials and issues from a legal and common sense approach, This is how the majority of judges I have appeared before in 40 years also make decisions. I do not intend by my advice to enter an attorney client relationship and in most cases advise to obtain legal representation. Sometimes if you can not afford it a consultation or limited scope representation is available. As an experienced attorney I can tell you, judges can be impatient, hate emotional arguments and over exagerations or lies. A brief outline of the problems and desired solutions is always best and I often in limited scope representations advise clients on how to proceed at time of hearing or trial and my fees are considerably less when I do not appear in court as it takes much less of my time.


When did you first start missing time from work. Under the Texas Labor Code you are at maximum medical improvement by statute 104 weeks from your accrual date of disability. If you missed 8 days right after your injury, you would have been at maximum medical improvement in June or July of 2013.

If you were found to be at maximum medical improvement, you should have received an impairment rating. If so, what percentage was it?: What conditions were rating to provide that impairment rating?

I don't know why the carrier denied treatment that fit under the ODG, but you very well may have an extent of injury dispute. Attorney Rodriguez is right in that you need to talk to a workers compensation attorney right away to see what rights you still have.

Good luck.


Carrier stopping medical benefits based on the ODG guidelines is all too common. If that's the case, your options are limited. This is where having a good, proactive treating doctor is helpful. He/she should look into filing for a Medical Dispute Resolution. Also, I would like to know if the Carrier is accepting all the affected body parts as this too may be a reason why the Carrier is stopping benefits.

Call me if you want to discuss further.

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