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I need a website terms of service agreement; what should I do?

Port Saint Lucie, FL |

I just finished designing a website for my business. I am under the impression that I will need a terms of service agreement and a privacy policy. What type of lawyer should I look for to have this done? I searched online and I keep finding “Internet” lawyers who specialize in this type of thing. Is an “internet” lawyer the right person for this? Not sure what kind of lawyer I need for this service.

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Any good business attorney should be able to do this for you. If you look at other service agreements and privacy policy terms you can extract terms that are applicable and put them all together, it will make the attorney's job easier. That way, instead of writing the agreement from scratch the attorney would already have a rough draft. It would save you some money.

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Well, you’re on the right track. I can’t speak to whether your particular business industry has any certain regulatory rules that would be necessary for your website as I am unaware of your particular facts, but my colleague correctly points out that a good business attorney should be able to help you out. When searching for the particular niche of practice, you may want to actually focus on your industry. As a surprise to many businesses, there could actually be rules to which you are unaware that a good business attorney can bring up and solve before they would ever rear their ugly head (not only to your website, but in all aspects of your business). Hope this helps and best of luck in growing your business!


Yes, a business lawyer with internet experience should be fine. Additionally, the nice thing about internet terms of use is that you can find limitless examples right on various sites. Consider reviewing what other companies in your sector have on their sites. It is also worth going to a site like docracy and searching their free forms database under "Terms of Use".