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I need a sample form for a jury instruction in a civil case.

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I know what needs to go into a jury instruction and somewhat the form: each separate and a cover sheet; instruction number and place for the court to say if it was given, denied, given as modified, etc.

What I need to see is the physical set up/formatting. I found the CACI and have (what I think are) the right instructions but don't know the physical setup. I have Googled it to death.

Any help with directions to a sample form is more than appreciated.

I am representing myself and have until Tuesday to get this done.

Thanks n advance.

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California Rules of Court, Rule 2.1055, discusses the form and format.

This is what a printed jury instruction page looks like:

Basically, the jury instructions should be on perforated paper. The top portion should include the instruction number and title of the instruction at the top of the first page of the instruction, as well as the party offering the instruction. For each special instruction, a citation of authorities that support the instruction must be included. No citation is required for approved instructions

The bottom portion should contain the full text of the instruction with the blanks filled in. It is the bottom portion which goes into the jury room.

The complete text of the Judicial Council of California Civil Jury Instructions (CACI) can be found at:

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Attorney Chen has provided an excellent and detailed response. Good luck.

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I have the CACI forms, what I was hoping for was someone might upload the form that is usually used in California courts showing where the different boxes the court ticks are placed and what they say exactly. Reading what is needed isn't near the same as seeing the physical format. I can put these boxes and words myself where might MIGHT go, but I would prefer th finished product to look as professional as possible.

Frank Wei-Hong Chen

Frank Wei-Hong Chen


The physical format is put on the form which looks like:


I know time is precious. A superior court will retain the case file while a matter is on appeal. (They copy the documents that the parties designate as relevant to the issues on appeal and simply mail the copies to the higher court.) Thus, any case where jury instructions were required that is now on appeal should be available as a model in the superior court's clerk's office. If you know of such cases in your county, presumably Los Angeles County, you probably can examine the format of the instructions that were submitted in the earlier case if you still have misgivings about how to proceed. Depending upon your location and the complexity of what I've just described, you may want to consider doing this or it may be a time wasting wild goose chase. In any event, good luck!

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