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I need a new roof on my home or my insurance will drop me.

Tallahassee, FL |

My ex is still on the mortgage, but my name is on the deed only. Will I still be able to get a home equity loan to replace my roof without my ex consent?

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I think this would be a question better asked of the bank that you seek a loan from. They'll tell you if it's doable or not.

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You have to search for a bank that will loan you the money to get the roof fixed.

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Why don't you want to tell your ex? Not sure if you're divorced or not, but I think it would be wise to have him/her involved. It seems like this could be something that you need not pay for alone. If you take the loan out in your name only, it'll be much harder to get him/her to help pay for it. Best of luck, my friend!

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It depends on what was stated in your final judgment. If you received the house as part of an equitable distribution award and you are able to have him removed by a refinance of the mortgage, he would likely be for removing his name from the obligation. Having his name on the mortgage without actually having use of the home can weaken his personal purchasing power. Also, if you are the one paying the mortgage, and you are paying timely, then you are building his credit, not yours so you would want to get that fixed asap. If you are temporarily getting exclusive use of the residence until a child reaches the age of majority, and then the house is to be sold and proceeds divided equally, then he is likely to be also responsible for helping to and sharing in, the costs involved in keeping up the residence.

I have only ever seen a mortgage company NOT take into consideration a current loan on the purchase of a new property as to the buyer who might not meet their requirements because of having too much debt due to the mortgage on the residence which is a now the ex-spouse's property, if that ex has been keeping up the payments for a minimum period of time.

At the end of the day, it's going to depend on what your final judgment says.

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