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I Need a lawyer to represent me for an m2-retail theft. Are there good layers who will work out a payment plan?

Scranton, PA |

i do have a criminal record, this is my second retail theft, I am curenttly on state parole. However i am doing good, working and attending drug treatment and i just succesfully completed rehab. I am trying to avoid jail because my life is going really great right now. I start my new job on the 12th of this month and i am trying to find a good lawyer who will let me make a payment plan of some sort. Thank you.

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You might be best off contacting your local bar association to see if they have a legal access program for those that make to much for the public defender but are still in a financially difficult situation.

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Some attorneys will offer payment plans. However, because there is an inherent risk in accepting payments from an individual who may ultimately be convicted of a crime, terms and conditions may vary.

As Mr. Zucker suggested, you should contact your local bar association. If you are qualified for the public defender, they are a very viable option for helping you achieve your goals.


It sound like you have a new charge and a potential state parole violation. I suggest you contact the Lackawanna County Public Defenders' Office if you cannot afford a lawyer. Good luck.

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Many attorneys, including myself, will work out terms that will make representation affordable. Credit card payments are also options. Occasionally, if you have paid bail, an attorney will take your bail receipt as collateral or as payment in cases. Call around.