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I need a lawyer that will work for little or no money or on a sliding fee scale with payment arrangements. I'm legally disabled.

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Just saw that a motion to sue , ( from a creditor ) was filed with the clerk of court . ( have not been served yet ) I'm legally disabled and live month to month on a very small check that I receive from social security each month . I don't own a house but do have a car . My biggest concern here is that I do own a vehicle that I don't want to lose . No car would mean no transportation to Dr . 's plus I also have a 4 year old as well . Any lawyers out there that can help me with this serious problem that I've gotten myself into ? Please help me keep my vehicle ! Is bankruptcy an option ? Can you help me pro bono or at least for a very small amount of money and be able to offer payment arrangements ? I can't afford to lose my car . I'm disabled and my car isn't just a want , it is a need . Please help .

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Why not try to work out the bill with the creditor by paying a small amount? If you need to file bankruptcy you are going to have to pay for that too.

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I agree with Mr. Stein.

Pre-trial negotiations are best and tend to save everybody time and money. Is this in small claims? Bankruptcy is an option but does cost, although depending on your income you may be able to get the fee waived.

If your finances do not permit, you can go to Daytona Beach (on Orange Avenue I believe) and speak with legal aid. An attorney there will advise you but will not generally represent you.

Depending on the debt load, ultimately it may be in your best interest to hire an attorney.

Best of luck.

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