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I need a lawyer for my friend but was wondering if we could make monthly payments instead of coming up with everything up front?

Quincy, MA |

He is charged with trafficking and distribution of heroin.

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1) I changed this from it being marked as Child Support to Criminal Defense.

2) Call around to local criminal defense attorneys to see if any would be willing to set up such a payment plan. There are also finance companies who can help you come up with the money needed if necessary.

3) If affording an attorney is a problem for your friend, based on the seriousness of the charges he should be able to get a court appointed attorney.

Best of luck.

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I'm not sure how to change it? Do you know the name of the finance companies that help with the money? He has a court appointed lawyer but hes not that good and wants a paid one.


The payment arrangement would be up to the attorney, but many private attorneys refuse to operate this way because once they have "entered" the case and devoted time to it, they don't want to chase after the client for payment. Therefore, most lawyers do require a "retainer fee" which is held in a special attorney's account and depleted as the fee is actually earned, based on time spent on the case. The Public Defender's Office is another option. Good Luck!


I am an experienced criminal attorney, having been an ADA in Norfolk County. I have a very tight fee agreement that I require clients to sign. I do put people on payment plans IF I believe that they will pay and reserve the right to withdraw if they miss a payment. I also sue for payment if a client fails to pay.

I am not sure what your schedule is, but I am going on vacation 8/1-8/22. If it can wait until I return, call me and we can discuss the case, payments, etc.

Valerie Semensi @ 781.383.1940


This really depends on the individual Attorney you may speak with. Some of us are willing to put clients on payment plans, others do not simply because they may have been "burnt" before, or they may not prefer the practice.

One thing to keep in mind, as other attorneys have pointed out, is that there may be companies that may finance your legal fee, or some attorneys, like myself, may be willing to accept credit cards.

My experience has been that in Criminal Cases in MA most attorneys will require a Flat Fee upfront. You may find some that do work on hourly basis, but that is "rare" for this type of case.
The bottom line is you may be able to reach an agreement with an Attorney. The first thing to do is to contact a Criminal Defense Attorney and talk about your situation (if you plan on hiring one). Details of payment would have to be worked out after the initial meeting.

Hope this helps and Best of Luck,

In case you would like discuss the matter further, Attorney Kavaja may be contacted via phone at (617) 515-5545

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Some attorneys will enter into payment plans. My first advice is to meet with as many experienced criminal defense attorneys as you can and ask them what their strategieswill be for resolving the case in your friend's favor. If after reading the police report, an attorney cant tell you which motions he will file, what arguments he can make, and at least a general trial strategy, don't walk out of his office - run! You should cast a wide net in order to find the best suited attorney for your friend. When you meet the right one, you will know it. The right attorney will tell you about some of the other heroin trafficking cases he was defended and how the techniques he used in those cases could apply to this case. I offer flexible payment options and would be glad to meet with you in my office to discuss this case.
Nick Gordon (774 254 4411)

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