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I need a lawyer; Am I justified to file a complaint against my previous Employer, for wrongful termination,distrimination, retal

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I was wrongfuly terminated, workinging in hostile work place, and retalated against, after I repeatedly told managers, and directors what was going between me an another employee, who intentionally ran into me twice in one day, causing injury to my neck, blade, and shoulder. I made manager aware the next day of what happen, they never told me to fill out a accident report, I filed workmans comp, I was denied, I filed an appeal; the Judge stated she viewed the tape where employee intentionally ran into me twice. but she did not see any wrong doings,but what tape did she view, I requested numberous times to view he tape, but I was denied each time, with different excuses of why. Later I filed a EEO, a letter was sent to the employer, they were not to move me, l was their top Sales Person.

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You may certainly have a wrongful termination claim, depending upon what was going on between you and the other employee. Also, you may have some other claims against your employer based upon the negligent and/or intentional acts of its other employee. Normally, an employee who is injured in the workplace may only receive workers' compensation benefits and cannot sue the employer. However, in you case, those benefits were denied, so depending on the circumstances you may have the right to sue your employer for those injuries as well.

Naturally if you would like to get specific answers, you will need to provide specific facts. If you would like, I would be more than happy to provide you with a free consultation.

Good luck.

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