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I need a DUI lawyer super fast by This Thursday.I have 1000 $ to start with, is this realistic/possible, at least to get me ...?

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At least to get me some kind of continuance or more time at least? I have less than two months since even knowledge that this is happening, I have a 5yr. and 15yr old -and this has not been enough time to be able to make arrangements, or even be able to come up with money for a lawyer or anything. Now that I have this money I know a lawyer would be able to help me,I just dont know if its enough time to get one. Plz help!

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Did you previously post about third occurring years ago and you were stopped for a broken windshield? If so, I'd suggest calling a few attorneys on here and discussing your case with them.



Yes. Thats me. Thank you. Are you a realistic option to call? Thanks again.


It really depends on the status of your case. If you're set for trial on Thursday, a continuance might be hard to get. If its just a pretrial conference, a continuance shouldn't be a problem. Some attorneys will accept payments for cases - my firm included. I would recommend contacting a lawyer to help see where you're at with your case.


Call someone listed on AVVO from the Phoenix area. I am sure any of us will try to help.


I suggest calling a few attorneys to see if they are a right fit for you. All attorney's are different - different experience, different personalities, etc. Fighting a DUI case is a team effort - I suggest hiring an attorney you feel confident and comfortable working with.

Good luck.

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