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I need a divorce attorney and bankruptcy attorney in Charlotte.

Charlotte, NC |

I can afford maybe $2,000 max. I need help filing for a divorce with minor child. My ex abandoned me during my pregnancy and can not be located (I tried). I don't want child support or ANYTHING, just custody of my child. I also need to file bankruptcy. I have practically no assets (no lie) other than my car. I can give it up, as long as I'm able to buy another really cheap one. I'm just over my head in debt from my early teens and twenties, and I need FULL bankruptcy. Is this possible with my budget or am I trying to do the impossible?

P.S. My ex has been M.I.A. for exactly one year. Debts include one car repossession (2006), cosmetic surgery bill (2006), emergency medical bills, owed debts to apartment complexes including one judgement for carpet repair (2009), utilities, and old library dues.

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You might be able to get full child custody AND child support (even if you can't find him you can get the order and he will go into the dead beat dad database, eventually he will turn up and owe a lot of money). For $2000 sure. probably a lot less since it's practically uncontested. I deal with child support cases, give my office a call and we can help you with this issue.

Now in terms of bankruptcy? I don't deal with bankruptcy, but I recall bankruptcies going for a flat fee of around $1500-2500. So I don't think that budget is realistic for both items. I'm sorry to hear about your issues, and I hope you can find a way to get everything you need done so you can move on.

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Thank you. I will call your office on Monday.


In response to your question, (1) one can file for divorce after being separated for one year; (2) you can file for child custody now; and (3) bankruptcy is a different animal for which I can provide a referral. It sounds like you need to file for child custody, child support and an expedited equitable distribution. You will need your ex-husband's address in order to serve him with the summons and complaint. You don't mention spousal support, but perhaps you would be awarded some spousal support as well. This would need to be explored.



Thanks for your answer. I just tried to schedule an appointment with your paralegal, but she stated I had to do a consultation first which isn't free. (I didn't know that). Sorry about that! Do I really need a consultation first, though? I kinda already know what I want to do, I'm just ready to get started.

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