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I need a defamation lawyer in Texas, on contingency

College Station, TX |

I have a winning defamation case that is Internet based. The defamation was stated as fact and has harmed my business and reputation. I have already filed the lawsuit before statue of limitation ended and have done most of the leg work. I prefer not to say more publicly. Please respond to this post and I will share more details in private conversation.

The multiple libel information posted in a public online blog by an individual is in fact not true and I have the certified documents I subpoena'd to prove they are false and defamatory. The defendant had multiple business and other assets just prior to my filing this lawsuit and has sold them after litigation began and in my opinion to hide assets. I assume the defendant thought I would not peruse the matter, then acted after being served the citation.

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You should search the lawyers on Avvo that handle defamation cases or you can google defamation lawyer in your state and call a few until one is willing to take the case on contingency.

Click on name or picture to see profile page.


You don't say enough about your case to know whether this applies, but you should be aware that Texas has recently enacted anti-SLAPP legislation, the Texas Citizens Participation Act, which is effective now. (See )

You should immediately consult a Texas attorney to determine whether your lawsuit may run afoul of the new Texas anti-SLAPP law. If so, you should either dismiss or amend to fix that problem.

Good luck.



The case was filed and served in July last year. Way beyond the SLAPP LAW guidelines of filing within. 60 day of suit. I was hoping a Texas Lawyer would answer my question but thank you for responding. I know about the slap law and the limitation. It is not applicable in this case now.

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