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I need to get domestic restraining order removed .. Da drop all charges still judge granted it

Modesto, CA |

Me and my ex caught her cheating and we been going out to eat then came to the house she got mad at me and holding on my truck she called the cops i got arrested shesaid i pushed her but she told my mom she fell . Da drop all charges but we both filed restraing orders on each other and both got temp granted untill yetsterday hers got 1 year mine was dropped ..I dont think she should got one .. I need it removed because i can not have a gun at my store now ..My record is very clean no other charges .. So also the judge gived her the house even though she hasnt lived there since nov 9th ... what can i do ?

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Your question is better suited to a family law lawyer. The issue of the house and the restraining orders were not made by a criminal court judge. You have probably made the very bad choice of trying to act as your own attorney. The saying is that a man who represents himself has a fool for a client. Call an attorney as soon as possible.

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