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I my 89-year old mother wants to transfer the title of her modest home to me... What steps must I take? We live in Texas.

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My mother lives independently at 89-years old in Corpus Christi (CC) Tx. She wants to move to Austin where I live. my brothers who once lived in CC have deceased and she has no family there to take care of her. She wants to transfer the title of her little home to me. It's worth very little, she has little-to -no other assets and would like to move to a small HUD property- but must first get the home out of her name.

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There definitely may be adverse implications related to the transfer of the title. An estate/probate attorney or elder law attorney would probably be the best type of attorney for this matter.


You need to find an experienced real estate attorney in the local area to handle this for you, particularly one with some experience in elder law. You also need to ensure your mother is of sound mind and body for the transfer, or you may find yourself in a nasty legal battle over her estate once she is gone from other family who feel you may have taken unfair advantage of her to get her property.

I am an attorney licensed to practice in Texas, Louisiana and before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and the above may not be an accurate assessment of the laws for your area. The above should be taken as general guidance and not specific legal advice. For specific legal advice you should seek a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction practicing in the area specific to your issue. The above does not constitute or establish an attorney client relationship. If you wish to receive specific advice about your legal issue, then contact my office to schedule a personal consultation.


Hire a real estate lawyer to guide you. More than likely he will prepare a deed for your mom to transfer title to you.


I agree with the other answers. You should consult with an attorney (either in Austin or Corpus, it doesn't really matter) to make sure this is done properly.

It should not be terribly expensive. If done improperly, it could cause problems with eligibility for her new housing, probate issue (upon her passing), and title issues (when you try to sell the property later.

Good luck.



Thank you SO very much. I will be consulting with an attorney, tomorrow. With the feedback I received from my post, I will also look into an getting help from a lawyer with experience in "elder" care. Never knew there was such a thing but glad to know. You guys have been a tremendous wealth of knowledge. Thank you. Happy 2014!!!!

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