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I must represent myself in concluding divorce case and drop attorney, his fees and lack of resolution literally makes me ill.

Petaluma, CA |
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You have a perfect right to discharge your attorney any time for any reason or no reason. That said, it's usually a really bad idea to proceed without a lawyer. A lawyer you don't like is almost always better than no lawyer at all. Many of the worst problems lawyers are asked to solve are caused by people who try to deal with legal problems without representation. Divorce is no exception. Disputes among people who are angry tend to run up big legal fees because settlement is difficult and requires compromise which the parties see as surrender. People involved in divorces are almost always so emotional, angry and stressed out that their judgment is impaired. That's all the more reason they need lawyers. Sometimes in a divorce what the client perceives as lack of resolution is actually wisdom and appropriate caution on the part of the lawyer. Think about it.

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I agree it's best to proceed with an attorney on your side. Is there a way you can get another attorney before you drop this one, so you are not representing yourself? I agree that divorces can get very expensive, especially if it is a bitter fight. If you are questioning this attorney's fees you can file a fee dipute arbitration through the state bar. However, if the attorney did the work he or she billed for, you are not likley to win. Good luck to you.

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You contact your attorney and advise you no longer wish his/her services. The procedure is as simple as signing a substitution of attorney form which your attorney will prepare for your signature. Once signed by each of you the form is served and filed with the court.

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