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I moved to Long Island and would like shared transportation for pickup/drop off.

Baldwin, NY |

I moved 54 miles away to Long Island, NY. MY daughter lives in North Plainfield, NJ. I see her very often. Every other weekend and whatever other days I can get. I have asked her mother to share transportation. I pick up and she drops off. She refused. I asked for a 1/2 way point meet. She refused. I asked if I can have her for the summer. She said yes but I would have to drop her off and pick her up on her weekends. I am quickly running out of options and I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on attorney fees. What are my options. I pay over $1000.00 per month in support for one child. I am a good father. What can I do to resolve this?

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You either need to settle this or retain counsel to bring a court proceeding. Is there already a divorce settlement pursuant to which you child support and/or other expenses? What if anything does the divorce settlement agreement say about the costs of visitation?

More fundamentally, why shouldn't you pay the costs of visiting your daughter, and why should you expect your wife to pay? I am not sure I understand your reasoning--you chose to move and so why shouldn't you pay the travel costs?

In any event, if you cannot resolve this amicably, then your only option is to retain counsel. And the costs of doing so will probably far exceed your travel expenses. Is this really worth fighting about?



You totally missed the point here. I have seen where courts have imposed shared pick and drop off. You seem to either be an attorney that represents Woman or you are an advocate for Mothers. Here is the bottom line. I see my daughter every other weekend without fail. I pay for my daughter's cab fare from school every day. I pay for her school lunch. I pay for her clothing and other care. Mother pays zero. I pay 100% of healthcare. I pay $700.00 per month in support in addition to the above. I pay for her summer camp care and sitting. I pay the mother's cell phone bill. She is driving around in my car. Registered to me and my loan. I pay for my step sons cell phone bill. If she is at her boyfriends house (a different town out of my way) I go there to get my daughter. All I ask is that she meet me 1/2 way for pick up and drop off. A cost of 1/4 tank of gas and $13.00 toll twice per month. Am I asking for that much? If I am then this system really sucks and I guess I would be better off being a deadbeat dad working off the books. With Attorneys like you on the loose I guess guys like me will constantly get screwed routinely.

Maurice N Ross

Maurice N Ross


I did not miss the point. I told you that if you want to get help from the court you will need to retain counsel and petition the court which will cost more than whatever you might save. If you are unhappy with your overall settlement that you can ask the court to modify it.

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