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I moved out out 10/15/12. I lived in the apartment for 3 years. They are billing me $516 for full carpet replacement.

Pataskala, OH |

they say it is for pet damage. I have a 5 lb dog that has never had any accidents. She was fully potty trained before I moved in. they said there was pet damage in 2nd bedroom and my dog never even went in that room. The carpets were not new when i moved in. What can I do? I might have some pictures from last christmas that show the floor.. thats just going to be in one area though.. would that help? I do not want to pay for something that I did not cause.

There was no walk through done or offered. I had called them and left a message before I moved out asking what they needed from me before i moved and left my cell#. They never called. I received this notice by them mailing it to my old address and it was forwarded to me.

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You should consult with a local attorney ASAP. They are billing you for $500 beyond the security deposit? Local rules may differ, but in states I am familiar with the landlord must prove there was actual damage and not just ordinary wear and tear. I believe he would bear the burden of proving there were sufficient damages. I also believe this is an issue which could be resolved in small claims court.

Jann Collette Washington

Jann Collette Washington


In Ohio the Landlord will have to prove that the damage was more than ordinary wear and tear. If you have anyone who can testify on your behalf that they saw that rug and that it was ordinary wear and tear that will go a long way. Even if the person can't get to court, get a signed affidavit from them.

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