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I missed traffic court date what should I do?

Tampa, FL |

I missed a traffic court date from a speeding ticket in Tampa. How do I contest a speeding ticket? Do I need a lawyer for a speeding ticket in Florida?

Can I go turn myself in and bond out right away for missing a traffic court date?

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Contact the traffic court in Florida and explain. The traffic court judge may be more sympathetic about the missed traffic court date than you expect. You might inquire if you can dispose of this speeding ticket matter through the mail.

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In North Carolina, missing court, even if it's traffic court, can bring about serious consequences. Persons who miss court in North Carolina are subject to a $200.00 failure to appear (FTA) fee, subject to indefinite loss of their North Carolina driving privilege, and subject to an order for arrest (OFA). If you miss court in North Carolina, you can call the clerk of court to find out whether you have an FTA or an OFA. If you have an OFA (order for arrest), you can either turn yourself in (with sufficient money to bond out) or retain an attorney to strike the OFA and re-calendar your case. If you have an FTA (failure to appear) you can go to the clerk of court and ask to re-calendar your case or retain an attorney to re-calendar and handle the case for you. If you were ticketed for traffic violation after missing court, you will need to be very careful in disposing of your ticket. One misstep could cause you to loose your driving privilege for one or more years!! In North Carolina, persons with more than one failure to appear (FTA) should ask for an attorney's assistance in resolving their case(s). FTA's can have very serious and long term consequences - and for persons who live in rural areas with no bus service to the city, the consequences can snowball out of control in no time at all! [I've had many clients who have been forced to choose between driving to work in order to feed their children and obeying the law (no driving) - they chose to drive and are now several years from being able to get a license - they are also in danger of being sentenced to prison (120d each sentence) - and it all started from a single FTA!]

This answer does not in any way establish an attorney-client relationship. Each case has it's own fact pattern and must be dealt with on an individual basis. This answer is not and should not be construed as legal advise toward anyone's fact pattern or case.


You should contact the traffic court immediately. Depending on whether or not the court date was for an infraction, the court could issue a warrant, or your license could be suspended for failing to appear. It will probably be extra helpful to get an attorney in this missed court date for traffic ticket matter.

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