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I missed my court date for petty theft in seminole county FL i have a warrant what do i do?

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i got arrested for petty theft i did 30 days in county jail upon my release i attended to court twice my attourney told me the case was going to be dropped but i had to leave out of the country for a family emergency before my third court date but since i knew the charges were going to be dissmiss i never thought i would get in trouble so i left turns out there is a warrant for my arrest if i call the courthouse that issue the warrant and explain what had happend will i be able to get the warrant dropped and fix the whole issue in court?

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I answered this question in the previous post. I was a prosecutor in Seminole County and know the divisions well. Give me a call if you'd like a free consultation. Thanks

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You should call Mr. Hauler ASAP.

Andrew M. Bonderud, Esq. is an attorney The Bonderud Law Firm, P.A. He offers free consultations 24/7. Andrew's posting here is not to be considered legal advice nor does an attorney-client relationship exist.


You are going to need to have an attorney file a motion to set aside bench warrant to get this taken care of. Good luck!


You should contact your attorney ASAP.

For more information or to set up a free initial consultation contact the Mangrum Law Firm at 407-349-7474 or This answer does not, nor is it intended to, create an attorney-client relationship. It is offered for informational purposes only. Please consult with a licensed attorney before making any legal decisions.


Get a lawyer asap. I am a former Seminole County Prosecutor and will be willing to help you.

For more information or to set up a free consultation contact the Law Office of Corey Cohen at 407-246-0066 or visit our website at

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