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I missed my court date for a super speeding ticket, what are my options at this point?

Carrollton, GA |
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You should immediately contact the court and explain why you did not appear in court. The court in its discretion may have taken a bench warrant for your arrest and/or sent a letter to GA DDS to suspend your drivers license. By acting quickly you can lessen the damage to your license and possibly avoid arrest on a warrant for failure to appear. You should consult an attorney in that area familiar with the court (Try Allen Trapp) With regard to the superspeeder portion, if convicted this would kick in and cause GA DDS to assess an additional superspeeder fee of $250.00 in addition to any fine paid to the court. Your failure to pay this fee would result in a suspension of your license. When you get the case back on track, you need to get the speed down (preferably to 14 or less over the speed limit = 0 points)


What about contacting the court or even an attorney to have your case recalendared?

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