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I missed my court date for a speeding ticket., can i walk in and pay for it?

Los Angeles, CA |

I thought my due date was fro tommorow, when ilooked on line i realized it was last week.

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They might let you just pay at the counter but you will probably have to be added on calendar to recall the FTA that was issued when you failed to appear. There is also a $300 fine for the FTA. Let the Judge know it wass an honest mistake and as soon as you realized it you took care of it. The longer you delay the more likely the Judge will impose the fine.


You have a bench warrant now. You have to go to court and depending on which courthouse the clerk will either place you on calender that morning or set a future date for you. Usually they will place you on calender that day. When you go in front of the judge ask for leeway, more likely than not the judge will reduce the fine. Make sure you get the FTA reduced or dismissed so you do not have a misdemeanor on your record.


You have an fta and need to get an abstract and new date for arraignment . Depending on the court you might be able to get it set on calendar. More than likely you will get a date set out far. You might consider using a traffic ticket attorney to deal with this- especially since you now have a warrant on top of your ticket .

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If done quickly, before a warrant is issued, which generally isn't done for at least a couple weeks.