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I missed my court date 4 days ago and was issued a bench warrant, i am going to go to court tomorrow, will they arrest me

Riverside, CA |

my court date was for not signing up on time for my community service for my fDUI

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Will they arrest you? Probably not -- but you never know.

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You should have your attorney make this appearance.


Where I practice you would probably be arrested if you show up and there's an outstanding warrant. You can minimize the chances of this by having a good truthful excuse and an attorney with you. Excuses that don't work: 1) I forgot; 2) my bus was late 3) there was too much traffic 4) I slept late 5) because my alarm clock didn't go off or 6) I forgot to set it. This is jus a short list; I have heard hundreds of excuses that landed someone in jail.