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I missed an appointment with my probation officer and called to reschedule, might I be arrested? I'm really worried.

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I had an appointment in July that I completely forgot about. I called to reschedule and left 2 messages in July on the main phone #. I called to reschedule the appointment and was advised that my PO is no longer there. I spoke with someone else that rescheduled my appt and I am set to come in on Wed. I am so worried about being arrested for violating my probation. My PO was very understanding of my situation. This is felony probation for Credit Card Abuse. I am a single mother with 2 children and just trying to stay home with my kids. I have done my community service and pay as much as I can whenever I can. I just got paid and was going to catch up on my Probation fees. I'm worried about being arrested, maybe I should save the money for a lawyer since there are no refunds when revoked. :-(

It should be noted that this is my first offense, is Deferred adjudicated probation, I have a regular full- time job, have been on probation for 3 years now without issue, and I have 1 1/2 years left on probation. I am currently behind on my fees, but I generally pay large sums at once which my initial PO never had an issue with. I'm just very scared because I've never missed an appointment before and evidently I'm not meeting with my probation officer. I received a letter from the supervisor advising to contact them to reschedule the appointment, which I had already done by the time I received the letter. I'm terrified. Revoction of my probation means I will lose my job and if I'm arrested when I show up for my appointment i'll have no way of contacting anyone to pick my children up from daycare. Any help/ advise is appreciated. Is there any way to know that a warrent has been issued?

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As a former probation officer in Dallas, I can tell you that you took the appropriate action once you realized that you overlooked your appointment. The duty officer (the officer assigned to handle situations like these) will take your report as soon as you go in if your officer is out. It is when you miss an appointment, do not call, and do not report that your file ends up in court with a violation report and warrant. Work on a supervision plan with your officer to help you budget and get your fees caught up as you are in compliance with all other terms. Because you are on deferred, your case will be dismissed upon successful completion and you can move to seal it. Good luck.

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Ms. Wilson is correct that you did everything that you should have done. You will in almost all certainty not be arrested for missing your scheduled appointment, nor will you face a revocation. When you speak with them at your appointment, be honest about your mistake and let the PO know that you have now scheduled it on your calendar or put the new dates in your phone/calendar with a reminder. Show that you're doing your best for a successful completion.

Good luck

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As you know the Williamson county probation department is extremely strict. This is the county where I primarily practice and I commonly hear complaints from my clients and others about how tough on them their probation officer is being, especially when they have changed from an old officer with whom they have built a relationship to a new officer who doesn't know them.

That being said, missing one meeting while promptly making it up should not result in any jail time.

It is important to remember though that if you give them any substantive reason to revoke you this and all other of your seemingly minor missteps on probation will come back to haunt you. So it is doubly important to make a significant effort to be up to date and on time as well as being caught up on your payments to the probation department going forward.

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