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I missed a visit with my po.....what do you think the possible consequences are?

Tampa, FL |

i have felony probation for 5 years that started on 4/22/2007....... it ends 2012. i also have to be in the house before 10 pm.

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Based on the very few facts you provide, I can only answer in general terms based on my experience here in NJ. First, immediately contact your PO, apologize for missing the appointment, and ask when you can come in to see them. If you cannot get through in person, leave a message and keep a record of when you called, the phone # you called, etc. If you cannot leave a message, go down and ask to see the PO. Obviously, I am suggesting an immediate attempt to correct the missed appointment by showing that you are concerned. Explain the missed appointment. If you have otherwise complied with the terms of the probation, this will likely just be one of those situations where you are told, DON'T DO IT AGAIN. Good luck.

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Lots of factors will go into answering your question. First, have you ever missed a visit since 2007. In not, that will work in your favor, if so, then it will depend on how many times. Second, have you contacted your PO to explain the reason as to why you missed the visit. Are you required to take random drug screens? If so and you missed a visit, well the PO’s do not look highly on that fact. Expect an immediate screen when she/he sees you. The PO could file a VOP and request a warrant. In that case in you on probation in Hillsborough County, Florida, you will end up in front of Judge Perry. If you were my client, I will call the PO immediately and find out the answers to these questions and if in fact the PO did a VOP, we would set the matter for hearing immediately to try to avoid them coming to get you. Hope this helps and good luck. Feel free to give us a call if you have any further questions.


The previous poster gave you excellent advice. To answer your question directly though, I'm going to assume you are on probation for a third-degree felony because you are on five years of probation. If this is the case, worst case scenario, you're looking up to five years in prison. On a violation of probation you face up to the maximum sentence the court could have originally given you at the the time you were placed on probation.

If this is a first-time violation and you have a light criminal history and you didn't miss your appointment to duck a urine screen, you have a good chance of getting reinstated. Beware that Judge Perry likes to give drug tests in court. If you fail the drug test after you tell him you'll pass, there's a good chance he'll give you prison.

If this is a second-time violation or higher, you have a very real possibility of being sentenced to at least 13 months of prison.

I practice in Tampa and if you would like to discuss this case further, do not hesitate to contact me at 813.453.6396. I wish you the best of luck regardless of whether you decide to give me a call.