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I missed a court date because I was in the emergency room, what will happen? Will I go to jail?

New Iberia, LA |

I was driving with a suspended license and I got stopped. I missed my court date because I was in the hospital. My license was suspended because of unpaid tickets. I have all of my paperwork from the hospital.

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The paperwork is your lifeline. See your attorney, provide copies, and your attorney will ask to have the matter rescheduled, or seek some sort of work out.

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The paperwork will get you through this. What you'll need to do is explain to the judge that you were in the hospital. They'll definitely ask you whether you can prove it. You can, so hand the jdge a copy of the emergency room bill, discharge paperwork, whatever you've got, and get the case moving forward. You should also consult an attorney to help you with the driving under suspension ticket because it carries an additional suspension and a hefty fine.