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I married the devil she evil ,hateful ,mean and very disrepectful.

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We were married 2 years and 5 months ago. She and her two kids 10 and 16 moved in with me. She is now renting her home that she owned.Our marriage is a mess.Soon as I married her she changed 2 weeks later. This is her 2nd marriage and my 1st. She berates me in front of her kids she tells them they don't have to listen to anything I say. All she talks about is money....She is upset about how much child support I pay for my kids. But she knew this when she married me.Now she is saying she is going to take my home. Is this possible. My house is in my name only. I just want them to leave. What can I do? What are my rights? She doesn't even want my kids around, I am very involved in my kids life.I want to file for divorce right away. Help me get my lfe back please.

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From your message, I am not sure if you need a divorce or an exorcism! I can tell you one thing, though .... you need an attorney. If you owned your house before you were married, then it is not likely that she is going to take it from you. It does sound like you need a good lawyer in your corner.


I cannot say with certainty what the possible outcome will be in the matter. However, if she has a house and you had a house before marriage, neither of them should be considered marital property. However, she may get credit for any increase in value she made to your house. At the same time, you may get credit for any increase in value you made to her house.

If you want them out of life, you should get the process started immediately. I am fa amily law attorney in the Atlanta metro area. If you want to discuss your matter, please contact me at any of the numbers noted on my profile or e-mail me.


The equity in your home that was accumulated during the course of the marriage is subject to equitable division. She will not be able to take your home from you, but she may be entitled to a portion of the equity value in the home. I suggest you schedule a consultation with an attorney to discuss things further. Many in the Atlanta area will offer you a free initial consultation, so you can get an idea of the costs to pursue a divorce.

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