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I married my husband and hes from honduras can i get a license for him and try to ajust papers without him leaving to honduras?

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need to know if my husband from honduras can get a license im an american also want to know if he can get legal status with out having to leave the usa

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You havent provided important information needed for initial assessment of your case.

Did your husband enter legally or not, what is his legal status now?

it is advisable to contact an immigration lawyer to discuss your case and find a way forward.

There are many issues that will affect the outcome of your case.

You are welcome to contact me via link provided below if you would like an effective representation.



The answer to this will depend on factors such as:

Are you a US Citizen?

Did your Husband enter the US without being properly inspected by an Immigration Officer?

If he entered lawfully, is he still in lawful status?

Since residing in the US, has he been convicted of any crimes?

If you are a US Citizen and he entered with proper inspection and has a clean criminal record, even if he has fallen out of lawful status, it is likely that he will be able to adjust status to a lawful permanent resident without having to leave.

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I cannot tell from the information you provided. Unless your husband is here legally he will nt be able to get a license.

If your husband entered the US illegally (without papers) there is no way for you to make him legal unles someone filed a petition for him before April 30, 2001. If he entered with a visa and overstayed, or if someone petitioned for him before April 30, 2001, then he can be helped.

If he entered illegally, they only way he can become legal is by going back to Honduras, but if he goes to Homduras he may not be allowed to come back for 10 years.

You definitely need to speak with an attorney who can look at your specific situation and give you specific advice.

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