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I married a US what?!!

Tulare, CA |

Hello! I am a Canadian citizen who has moved to california to work as an RN. I have a current TN visa due to expire soon. I became pregnant and married my now husband who is a US citizen. We plan to stay here and live and raise our daughter here rather than in Canada. My dilemma is that I I am not sure how to go about becoming an American...I understand there is a hefty fee in applying for a greencard and we are just not financially able to handle that at this time. I am not working having recently given birth and my husband is injured and also not working. Can I renew my TN visa in the meantime or is there another temporary work visa that I can apply for until I can come up with the Greencard fees...Just not sure where to start. I do know that financially I will NEED to work a bit before I can costs associated with process. Any guidance would be much appreciated...Thank you!

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One requirement of a family-based immigration petition is that evidence must be supplied that the intending immigrant is unlikely to become a public charge (that is, apply for need-based public assistance). Your husband would need to file an I-864 showing that he has income above the required level. If he does not have that income, any legal permanent resident or US citizen with at least the required income may be a co-sponsor.

The forms and instructions are available for free at the government's website: .

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